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"Think global and local action; our philosophy of life."

How to help:​

To participate in the campaigns to support the projects of the Trupe Association, simply access the "Donate" page of the site or contact directly in the lower part of the site. but before any actions, we suggest that you know in our media the numerous socio cultural projects of the Trupe.


The Trupe Association in its almost 20 years of existence has been recognized, certified and awarded by several public and private agencies, among them; 3 (three) Minas Gerais Government Awards for the Performing Arts - Cena Minas, semifinalist seal at the Itaú Unicef ​​Award in its 10th Edition in October 2013.


Citizenship actions:

The Trupe Association founded in August 2013 its headquarters, since then, offers a free of charge, for a current average of 500 students enrolled a series of artistic courses of various genres and foreign language courses; Spanish, English and French.

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Last Initiative​

​In early 2018 the Trupe Association opened a foreign volunteer program through the Workway platform, since then, there has been a very positive cultural artistic impact in the municipality and region through numerous courses promoted by such volunteers. Being these, responsible for ministering the courses of foreign languages ​​and still other artistic courses like; circus techniques, photography, singing, crafts, etc. The headquarters of the Association has the capacity to receive up to 6 (Six) volunteers at a time.

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