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The Trupe Association for being a non-profit Social organization maintains its activities thanks to the participation of various segments of local society, as well as participation in public notices that are increasingly scarce, perhaps due to the financial crisis that crosses the country today . Nevertheless, with the persistence and resistance of its leaders allied to the engagement of some partnerships, this association comes each year by expanding its actions, offering 100%  free of charge to all independent community of age, sex, social class and creed, a series of  activities  of  cultural  artistic  enjoyment,

through innumerable events promoted throughout the year that compose the cultural artistic calendar of the municipality. Thus, in order to fulfill our values, mission and vision, we need the complicity of civil society, private initiative and government authorities so that we can promote democratization to access cultural instruments, as we believe that with such actions we can build a more conscious and sensitive thanks to the transforming power of art. Therefore, we need a lot of the engagement of all the segments of society so that this successful initiative will last.

Embrace this cause!

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